Colombia to introduce groundbreaking legislation to protect aviation workers

February 23, 2024

Colombia is in the process of introducing new legislation, in a significant move to safeguard the rights and well-being of workers in the aviation industry. 

The proposed legislation, which was filed on 20 February in the House of Representatives and due to be considered in Parliament soon, will put an end to the escalating trend of unacceptable behaviour towards aviation staff by implementing comprehensive protection measures and strengthening existing procedures and to curb violations of legal regulations by passengers. 

Recent data from the national civil aviation of the country has revealed a troubling trend, with 205 reported cases of infractions between 2021 and 2022, many of which involved violence against workers. 

The bill marks the culmination of months of extensive social dialogue between union organisations, airlines, and the Colombian Government in light of increasing levels of violence by passengers being reported by aviation workers. It is due to be considered in Parliament in the near future.  

ITF affiliates Sindicato de los Trabajadores del Transporte Aéreo Colombiano, Servicios, Logística y Conexos (SINTRATAC) and Asociación Colombiana de Auxiliares de Vuelo  (ACAV) have relentlessly campaigned for this law, along with the support of representatives Mafe Carrascal and Jennifer Pedraza.  

The legislation seeks to create a safer and more supportive workplace for all employees involved in the aviation industry by fostering a culture of respect and accountability. 

Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez, ITF Civil Aviation Secretary, welcomed the initiative and recognised it as a result of social dialogue in civil aviation in Colombia. “The ITF has tirelessly campaigned in favour of regulations to protect aviation workers and passengers from abusive unruly passengers together with IFALPA and IATA in ICAO. This proposal of law introduced this week in Colombia is a huge step in our campaign.”  

Edgar Diaz, ITF Americas Regional Secretary recognised: “This legislative initiative reflects a significant step forward in advancing labour rights and promoting a conducive environment for workers in Colombia’s aviation industry.  

“With collective efforts and a shared commitment to upholding worker well-being, stakeholders are poised to make meaningful strides in addressing and preventing violations against aviation workers,” said Mr. Diaz. 

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