Can American Airlines CEO Doug Parker Survive The Summer? (

June 5, 2019

American Airlines has had difficulty with employee groups lately and morale is low. But with the stock price at an all-time low and the potential for employee action, can CEO Doug Parker possibly survive the summer?

I have written about American Airlines flight attendants and their displeasure for the carrier’s management and direction. I have also discussed the unions which have contributed to the blight of FAs comparatively to non-unionized compatriots at Delta. Now the mechanics are speaking up.

American Airlines mechanics have been negotiating a contract for years. At the risk of sounding like a millennial, “literally” years. That’s insane and the mechanics shouldn’t put up with it. There are always two sides to any argument and I am sure that the mechanics and their union have continued to fight over capitulation to management terms. But the stakes have been raised.

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