Call to support Danish ‘Heroes of the Sky’

April 9, 2015

The ITF is urging its affiliates to support Heroes of the Sky, a new and exciting grassroots initiative among Danish aviation workers which attracted over 3,000 Facebook likes in its first three days.

The aviation activists have formed the campaign group to pressurise Ryanair into an agreement with their trade unions and to fight the race to the bottom in terms of workers’ conditions and rights across Denmark’s aviation industry.

The activists work for several other airlines and belong to different occupational groups including pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

Heroes of the Sky say their initiative was triggered by Ryanair’s rejection of an agreement with the Flight Personnel Union (FPU) covering pilots and cabin crew based in Denmark, after the company established a base on 26 March at Copenhagen airport. They argue that their colleagues at Ryanair need an agreement to ensure fair salaries and working conditions.

In his message to aviation affiliates on 7 April, ITF civil aviation secretary Gabriel Mocho said: “The ITF believes that every worker has a right to decent working conditions – a good job with decent pay and a safe and healthy working environment – and for this reason the civil aviation section hails the struggle waged by the Heroes of the Sky.

“We call on our affiliates throughout the world to express their support for and solidarity with the genuinely heroic struggle of the Heroes of the Sky.”

The campaign aims to generate industry and public debate and awareness through the media and social media.

Show your union’s support for Heroes of the Sky on Facebook:

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