Aviation Covid-19 Situation Report (20th March 2020)

March 20, 2020

To keep our affiliates updated, we will be posting daily Covid-19 situation reports on our blog. These reports will focus on the effect the virus is having on the aviation industry, and specifically on aviation workers. These reports are a compilation of publically available information provided to us by our affiliates and media outlets.


If you have information to provide please contact us at civilaviation@itf.org.uk.


The ITF cannot guarantee that the information provided is accurate at the time of reading. This update is not complete as we can only post what information we have been given by our affiliates or on news outlets.

Keep up to date on all transport covid-19 stories at https://www.itfglobal.org/en/news-events/covid-19-updates.



  • All international flights will be suspended from March 20.



  • All airports in Anguilla are closed until April 3.



  • Philip Goldson International airport has been closed to passenger movements.



  • All international flights have been suspended at LF Wade International Airport.




Cayman Islands

  • All international flights are suspended from March 22 – April 5.



  • N’Djamena international airport is closed to all passenger traffic for 2 weeks from March 18.


Costa Rica

  • All airports closed from March 18-April 12.


Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Flights from countries with high rates of COVID-19 will be suspended from March 20.


Dominican Republic

  • Airports closed from March 19 – April 3.


El Salvador

  • All passengers flights have been cancelled until at least 31 March.



  • International airlines flying into Gabon have been restricted to operate just one flight per week.



  • All passenger flights will be cancelled until at least March 31.



  • All inbound international flights have been cancelled as of March 18. Cargo is not affected.



  • All airports have closed and all commercial flights suspended until March 20.



  • All international flights have been cancelled.


Hong Kong







  • More than 400 workers will be dismissed including 140 pilots, and 210 cabin crew by Air Baltic. Office staff are expected to be reduced from next week.



  • International flight are suspended effective March 20.





  • Travellers will not be allowed to enter or transit through Mauritius until at least April 1.



  • Morocco has suspended all international flights “until further notice”.



  • International airports in Niamey and Zinder have been closed for two weeks from March 18. Cargo flights are exempt.



  • Wilderoe has cancelled 50% of their flight. All pilots and cabin crew have 60% of full pay, 40% will be temporary leave.
  • Norwegian has cancelled 80% of flights, and put 80% on temporary leave. The remaining 20% are working full time.
  • SAS have cancelled 80% of all routes, approximately 80% of cabin crew have been placed on temporary leave. Pilots have been issued 50% full pay, 50% temporary leave.
  • The Norwegian government has introduced a state loan up to €500m for Norwegian which will secure the airline until June.



  • All commercial international flights suspended from March 22-April 22.





  • Regional flights to Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles have been suspended.



  • All flights to Kigali will be suspended from March 20.





  • Flights to France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Algeria and Tunisia have been suspended. All international and regional flights will be suspended from March 20 – April 17, local flights will continue.


Sierra Leone

  • International airlines have suspended services to Lungi International Airport in Freetown.



  • All international flights cancelled from March 18.





  • Authorities have suspended flights from high-risk countries including Italy, France, Spain and Germany.


United Kingdom


United States of America

Regional US airline Compass Airlines has shut down due to coronavirus. Compass operated for American Eagle and Delta Connection.

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