Aviation Covid-19 Situation Report (18th March 2020)

March 18, 2020

To keep our affiliates updated, we will be posting daily Covid-19 situation reports on our blog. These reports will focus on the effect the virus is having on the aviation industry, and specifically on aviation workers. These reports are a compilation of publically available information provided to us by our affiliates and media outlets.


If you have information to provide please contact us at civilaviation@itf.org.uk.


The ITF cannot guarantee that the information provided is accurate at the time of reading. This update is not complete as we can only post what information we have been given by our affiliates or on news outlets.






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One Response to “Aviation Covid-19 Situation Report (18th March 2020)”

  1. More than 40 crew members on quarantine due to positive passenger tests for Covid 19.
    More than 400 employees will be dismissed mainly pilots (140) and cabin crew (210) more than 100 cabin crew and pilots already dismissed by national airline AirBaltic, office staff reduction next.
    Repatriation flights started under classification – high risk for health flights, crew members protection equipment issued, passenger services reduced to ensure safe flights, no information that state labor inspection has been informed. Law obliges the employer to inform state labor inspection on increased risks for employee health/life.

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