Air passengers react to alcohol crackdown: ‘Get as many in as you can’ (www.theguardian)

August 25, 2017

Josh Halliday and Gwyn Topham

It’s 6pm and the Lion & Antelope is rammed. Every seat is taken, every table filled with booze, and every bartender serves a never-ending stream of punters eager for a teatime pint – or three.

But this isn’t your everyday pub: this is Manchester airport’s Terminal 3 in August, the pre-drinking place to be for holidaymakers heading to Alicante, Ibiza, Malaga, Dublin and Faro. For Kay Ashley, 19, the departure lounge is a “great place to start” her night out in Ibiza.

“When you get there, you’ve drank; you’re ready to go to your hotel, put your bags down, get ready and go out,” she said, ahead of a late-night Ryanair flight to the Balearic party island.

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