2023 Aircraft Cabin Air Conference Starts Next Week: Featuring Sara Nelson as a Keynote Speaker

June 20, 2023

The highly anticipated ‘2023 Aircraft Cabin Air Conference’ is set to begin next week, from June 27 to 29, 2023. This virtual conference will delve into various topics related to cabin air quality and safety. Notably, one of the keynote speakers at the event will be Sara Nelson of AFA-CWA, co-chair of the ITF Civil Aviation Section Committee and a prominent figure in the aviation industry and promotor of cabin crew rights.

With a focus on the cabin environment, the conference aims to address political and flight safety implications related to cabin air quality. The event seeks to improve aviation professionals’ and passengers’ safety and well-being by fostering collaboration among industry professionals, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders.

The conference will introduce a groundbreaking TCP blood test to confirm exposure to an organophosphate in jet engine oil. Alongside this announcement, the event will feature presentations on filtration systems, advancements in oils and sensors, insights into past accidents, discussions on the US Cabin Air Safety Act, less hazardous oils, legal considerations, aircraft humidity control, and emerging sensor technologies.

The ‘2023 Aircraft Cabin Air Conference’ is poised to be a significant event, offering valuable insights and advancements in cabin air quality. By addressing key challenges and exploring innovative solutions, this event contributes to ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and healthy cabin environment for all individuals in the aviation industry.

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