ITF urges Chile president to act ahead of air action

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) has urged the president of Chile to act to stave off the need for industrial action across Chile tomorrow. If tomorrow’s planned action takes place, it is likely to affect the civil aviation sector right across the country – even including Easter Island and Antarctica (where it would be […]

September 15, 2015

Why Emirates Is Not a Real Airline (

By Rob Britton Adjunct professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University On September 1, Emirates Airline opened yet another new route, from Dubai to Orlando, their 10th U.S. gateway. Behind all the cheerleading in central Florida, though, is a stark reality: Emirates cannot simultaneously operate as a for-profit company and meet the […]

September 14, 2015

ITF urges Chile president to act to avoid civil aviation industrial action

The ITF has urged the Chilean president to step in to avoid possible industrial action on 15 September over 30-year-old pension grievances experienced by the country’s civil aviation administrative workers. If the action goes ahead, it will be right across the country, including Easter Island and Antarctica, thus becoming the first ever industrial action to […]

September 11, 2015

Gatwick British Airways cabin crew face drastic wage cuts or dismissal

Over the last few days British Airways captain and crew has been praised for Las Vegas plane fire response. Passenger Lynne Alexander described to the BBC the horrific scenes that could have ended in serious injuries or even fatalities, had it not been for cabin crew heroes who skilfully managed the emergency evacuation: “I was […]

UPS pilots union calls for strike vote (

Yesterday the leadership of the Independent Pilots Association (IPA) called on its members to authorize a pilot strike against United Parcel Service. If approved, the five-pilot Executive Board of the Independent Pilots Association would have the authority to request a release from federally mediated negotiations with UPS. “A strike is the least desirable outcome of […]

British Airways passengers fled a burning plane with luggage. Here’s why you shouldn’t do that (

Your plane is on fire. You can see smoke billowing outside the windows. Flight attendants are screaming to evacuate. So you unbuckle your seat belt, stand up, open the overhead compartment and make sure you grab that nice piece of luggage you brought with you. I mean, you can’t possibly let it burn! Wait, what? […]

Unions applaud crew and firefighter action over BA2276 evacuation

Three ITF affiliates have joined the federation in praising the actions of firefighters and the crew on board British Airways flight 2276 in evacuating 172 people when the plane caught fire before take-off this morning at Las Vegas airport. Many of the cabin crew are members of the ITF-affiliated Unite union based at Gatwick airport […]

September 10, 2015

Qatar Airways still faces heat on female staff discrimination (

Qatar Airways’ decision to stop firing female staff for becoming pregnant is seen as a victory for labour rights in the Gulf state, but an inquiry by the International Labour Organization (ILO) remains open as questions persist about other discriminatory practices. The ILO tells Equal Times its inquiry into Qatar Airways is “still an ongoing […]

September 2, 2015