Workers fight to secure future in LATAM

June 8, 2012

Aviation unionists plan to challenge any job losses that result from the LAN – TAM (LATAM) merger, which will create one of the world’s largest airlines.

Unions from across Latin America met in Lima this week in order to respond to the sackings that have already started to take place. An early warning communication system was set up to ensure all workers across the company know what actions are being taken by management.
Ricardo Frecia, member of the ITF Civil Aviation Committee said:
“LATAM will be a highly profitable company. Workers will expect nothing less than a professional and co-operative approach from management going forward."
ITF Civil Aviation General Secretary Gabriel Mocho expressed concern that LAN’s recent actions in Columbia reflected poorly on the company’s management: "LAN workers saw with hope the creation of LAN Colombia. But the company’s recent advertising campaign has supposed flight attendants dancing in shopping malls, mocking the role of security professionals and those who wear the red and blue uniform with pride. LATAMworkers’ representatives hope this sexism and lack of professionalism does not continue after the merger."
The meeting was titled "Organising in LATAM. Building solidarity in Latin America", and was arranged with the the support of Frederic Ebert Stiftung Foundation and FNV.

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