Union wins agreement and averts strike

August 21, 2013

The dispute between Alia Company/Royal Jordanian Airlines and the ITF-affiliated General Trade Union of Workers in Air Transport and Tourism (GTUWATT) ended on Monday in Jordan following the signing of an agreement at the Ministry of Labour.

The agreement contains significant wins for the union, including a new salary scale system, which will be implemented and back-dated to 1st July. 

The system outlines minimum and maximum salary increases on basic salaries – as well as how these increases are decided and implemented. All workers at or below managerial level will receive a significant increase in their airport allowance, and a fieldwork allowance will be paid to drivers, technicians and mechanics. 

Significantly, the agreement also states that Royal Jordanian should commit to solve the issue of ‘workers on daily basis’ at the company. Maintenance workers hired as casual labour before the maintenance company’s privatisation in 2000 are still hired daily. The company, Social Security Corporation and prime ministry of Jordan are committed to sorting out this issue.  Grievance committees are also to be put in place to look at the implementation of the agreement generally as well as the implementation of salary reviews.

ITF Arab World regional secretary Bilal Malkawi welcomed the agreement. “Despite the tough political challenges in the region, this agreement proves again that the union and company management can work together for the best of both parties. It was a last minute agreement but both union and management care about the company and the workers, and I’m sure that this agreement will lead to a better future for the airline. Workers can start celebrating this victory after a very stressful month.”


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