Swazi union signs recognition agreement with regulators

August 28, 2013

The ITF-affiliated Swaziland Transport and Allied Workers Union (STAWU) signed a recognition and procedural agreement with Swaziland’s Civil Aviation Authority (SWACAA) on Monday August 19.

The historic agreement between the union and aviation authority will give workers in the country significant benefits. STAWU’s industrial relations officer, Sticks Nkambule, explained that one benefit STAWU workers will now have is unconditional guaranteed terminal benefits remittance. This is beyond what is provided for in Swazi law and represents a significant win for the union, he commented. The director general of SWACAA has also indicated that he feels the agreement will support constructive dialogue between both parties.

This achievement is particularly significant in light of Swaziland’s history of trade union rights violations. Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez, ITF civil aviation and tourism services section secretary,said: “I congratulate our colleagues on this important achievement. Swaziland is not an easy country to operate in for transport trade unions. According to the ITUC it is one of the seven countries in the world where trade unionists and trade union rights are at risk. In the early days of this month STAWU secured a victory for road transport workers. And more recently they achieved this breakthrough for aviation workers. No matter how difficult the conditions may be, commitment of trade unionists brings positive results for workers.”

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