Call for solidarity with Polish trade unionist sacked for a second time

January 25, 2012

ITF civil aviation affiliates are being called upon to show solidarity with a Polish trade unionist sacked by her employer as part of a series of alleged anti-union activities.

Elwira Niemiec, president of the LOT Polish Airlines Cabin Personnel Trade Union, has been dismissed amid attempts by her union to secure fair negotiations with management over a new collective bargaining agreement for workers.

It is not the first time Ms Niemiec has been sacked by LOT. Back in 2009 she was dismissed along with the president of the LOT Polish Airlines Employees’ Union. This coincided with attempts by LOT to sign workers up to a collective agreement which would have seen a 15 per cent reduction in salaries and staffing numbers. On that occasion a show of solidarity from civil aviation unions worldwide, expressed through protest letters to then LOT CEO Sebastian Mikosz, helped to secure the reinstatement of both trade unionists, an outcome the ITF is determined to achieve again this time around.

ITF civil aviation secretary Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez commented: “The unions involved here believe that LOT is engaging in blatant anti-union actions in a bid to derail negotiations over the new collective bargaining agreement. Not only would interfering with union affairs in this way be immoral and unjust, it would also be against the law. We want to see Elwira reinstated, helping to lead her union in good faith negotiations with LOT management so that an agreement can be reached which is acceptable to everyone concerned.”

Follow this link to view the dedicated LOT solidarity web page or to send a letter to current LOT CEO Marcin Piróg.

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