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Lobbying underway by ITF civil aviation unions over the ‘big issues’

ITF civil aviation unions from across the world are lobbying their governments on key worker and industry issues in the run up to the latest ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) meeting.

The ITF will present seven working papers during the 38th ICAO Assembly which begins on 24 September. Civil aviation representatives from governments are a large part of the decision making process on issues tabled over the two-week period.
One of the seven areas to be covered is the situation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar where freedom of association and collective bargaining rights are being denied to ground and cabin crew despite their being employed by highly successful, rapidly expanding airlines. The ITF is urging agreement from the ICAO for action in conjunction with the ILO (International Labour Organization), and in support of an ITF campaign which will be coordinated alongside the ongoing ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) campaign for labour rights in Qatar.
Meanwhile, among other papers to be presented are those covering the need for restraints for the under twos onboard aircraft, the need for the removal of national obstacles to the collection of safety related information by airline staff, air pollution at airports, and cabin air quality and it’s potential negative impact on cabin crew.
Secretary of the ITF civil aviation section Gabriel Mocho said: “The issues the ITF is taking forward to the ICAO are the big ones, not just for unions but for passengers and for the industry. National lobbying is key to bringing these topics to the forefront of the agenda and that’s what ITF affiliates are doing, and will be doing more of, over the next couple of weeks.”
Civil aviation unions are being asked to try and identify their government’s ICAO liaison, to explain the purpose of the proposals in order to gain their support.
Forassistance, advice or to let the ITF know what you’re doing to support in the run up to the ICAO meeting email:

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