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Aviation workers win battle with Swissport in Belgium

A five-day strike by Swissport International ground handling workers at Brussels Airport in Belgium came to an end on May 17 after the intervention of its international CEO resulted in the company meeting the workers’ main demands, reports ITF affiliat…

June 6, 2013

Coalition of Flight Attendants commends TSA for keeping knives off passenger planes

The 90,000-strong Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions today celebrated the success of its campaign to keep knives off planes and commended the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for holding the line against weapons on flights. “We promised ‘No Knives on Planes Ever Again,’ and today that promise was kept,” the Flight Attendant Coalition announced. “Terrorists armed […]

Statement on failure of Qatar’s ICAO relocation bid

Commenting on the failure and withdrawal of the Qatari government’s bid to have the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) headquarters relocated from Canada to the country’s capital, Doha, ITF president Paddy Crumlin said: “This is great news. Democracy, common sense and a respect for workers’ rights have triumphed. Qatar has to change. The outrage that […]

June 5, 2013

Pilots wear ‘union’ logo in defiance of Ryanair bosses (The Independent)

Ryanair is facing a campaign of Soviet dissident-style resistance from a group of its pilots in protest at the budget airline’s “draconian” management style. Some captains and first officers working for the airline have taken to wearing the logo of Ryanair’s banned pilots’ “union” on their uniforms while on duty as a sign of solidarity […]

June 3, 2013